A Guide to Our Texture Pastes
What is a Texture Paste?
Our texture paste is a thick, white paste that is used to build up layers of texture. The heaviness of these layers all depend on how much of the paste you use. 
You might ask, "then why have you got a range of 5 texture pastes if that's all they are?". Well if you just hold on a second, we'll get into that soon. 
All About Me
I'm going to be honest with you guys, one texture paste, one consistency, one texture is not enough for me... that's why we have five. 
As a mixed media artist, my projects are all about texture and dimension. Building up layers with the pastes gives more interest and depth into the piece of art. Don't be afraid of using more than one texture paste together on a project!
What Are They Used For?
White Texture Paste
So, White Texture Paste... Where do we start? This is your everyday, go to texture paste. Using a stencil? Get some wacked through it. It's the thinnest of all the texture pastes, creating a more organic look. You know me, I love the perfectly imperfect style and this is why it's my go to for stencilling. It's like silk!
Thick Texture Paste 
You might be wondering, how's this one any different to the last? The Thick Texture Paste is well... thick. I mean there's not much to it. Still perfectly smooth and stencilling worthy but this one can be built up just using a palette knife. Straight out the tub and onto your project, think of it as a bit like cake frosting, it holds it shape. Add one layer, dry it and add another. Keep building the layers until you're happy. It's superpower is that you can deboss into it too!
Sand Texture Paste
I think this one has got to be my all time favourite, it's just a pot of gritty goodness! Don't rule stencilling out, the fine sand grit will go through just fine. This one also holds it's shape without a stencil but has a lot more gorgeous texture than the last. If you want a little gritty texture, this is the one! Perfect to add under rusty colourways for that authentic look. 
Marble Texture Paste 
The hidden gem is what I call it. Unless you've got a stencil with huge open space, it's not going to happen (It's full of chunky marble pieces). I often look at my project and think to myself 'this needs more texture and gaps filled', this is where the marble comes into play. Straight out the tub with my fingers and swiped over the gaps between my composition, it brings everything together. 
Resist Texture Paste
This may be the most confusing and misunderstood of them all. Take the love child of the white and thick texture pastes and add the resist and that's your Resist Texture Paste. So, use it though a stencil on a canvas, spray over the top of it with a Pretty Amazing Spray, the paste will resist the majority of the spray.
So that's the basic Pretty Gets Gritty Texture Paste Collection. Basic? There's more? Of course there is but don't worry we'll cover them in another post. 
Which one to do think will be your favourite? Do you think you'll try a new one now? I do hope I've answered a lot of your questions , but if I haven't don't hesitate to contact me. 
Oh and P.S. try adding Explosion Powders or other colour mediums to the pastes, why leave them white?
February 02, 2022 — Lynette Jasper


Jan K

Jan K said:

Agree…..now I understand much better and can start using them. Can’t wait to add explosion powders….wow…. a whole new and exciting world ahead. Thank you Lynette

Jo whelton

Jo whelton said:

This is so brilliant thank you. Now understand how to better make use of my pastes that I felt a bit unsure of using effectively, as didn’t fully recognise the benefit so each one’s ‘personalitty’! Can’t wait for the next blog to learn more. Xx

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